Our fathers told stories to the younger generation under the moonlight and through what was said and heard, cultural values were passed down generations. In these days of technological advancement and inventive ways of impacting knowledge, we have decided to reinvent our storytelling..

Òsùká  is a Yoruba word for a folded piece of clothing used as a support between the head and any heavy object placed on it. There is no direct English translation for Òsùká but the closest words to it are “Parge” & “Wad”. Many of us growing up would have at one point or another used the Òsùká as support for a load, and you can attest that the Òsùká brings ease. The spirals of the Òsùká embeds strength and brings comfort. Alága has designed a chair, conceptualizing it using the spiral nature of the Òsùká. 

Yòrùbá people believe the head (Elédà) to be what determines ones destiny and should be adorned with the best of items likewise. The kings wear crowns, the men wear their fìlà (Cap) while the women are also adorned with the gèlè (head gear).The Òsùká was an integral part of the young ladies fashion statement in the Yoruba land but unlike the gèlè and fìlà  for men, it was not so much of a fanciful fashion piece but it served young ladies in a unique way.

Many of the young ladies either went to the market to sell goods or to the stream to fetch water, these places usually served as rendezvous for lovers and in a bid to impress their lovers, they usually ensured they were prim and proper all round, which included tying around their waist colorful fabrics that serve as Òsùká for their basket of goods or pot/calabash for water when they eventually fill it.

There are two ways of making the Òsùká, either rolled as a spiral or folded on top of each other. The style depends on individual preference but the commonly used style is the spiral, this will be largely due to how bulky the Òsùká becomes when placed on the head which in turn gives a balance. If the load carrier is skillful enough with the spiral Òsùká, they won’t need to support the load with their hands as it sits well on the Òsùká.

The Òsùká relaxation chair is designed to give support to our bodies and give utmost relaxation. The spirals of the chair gives support and is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Carved out of the Abura wood and adorned with the colorful Adire fabric, the Òsùká chair stands out like a peacock. This is a beautiful opportunity for you to make your space come alive with not just a beautiful African piece but also a story to tell.